Akanu Wigs

Introducing the newest wigs for people with little or no hair.

You will be amazed how confident you felt out and about with Akanu on. There are 5 up to date-styles and with 7 beautiful rooted colors.

They offer confront for all day wear. These wigs are made with Cyber hair, soft French lace in front, and all seams have polyurethane for sensitive skin. The cap is super lightweight and has a natural density. You going to love the way you feel.

Let AKANU turn heads when you are out and about.


With sass to spare, this inspired short-cropped style will turn heads everywhere. Poppy shows well from all sides and can be trimmed and personalized to lift the top area for even more drama as needed. Poppy shows off its ever so delicate-choppy texture throughout this inspiring cut. Just add your favorite detail product to show off and give her more personality than she already has.


A slightly grown out chopped-crop-cut. Liana’s length will allow her layers to sweep front to back and side to side, whatever strikes your fancy. Liana’s nape area fits snuggly for a finished edge blending up to a mid-weight line.


An ever so popular chin sweeping dramatic bob shows off with personality. Calla’s deep off center part will get some attention. Its smooth tapered nape will make us all take a second look. You’ll find super secret internal layering that allows for the style to move freely. Calla has cohesive layers without having all that extra weight.


Always stunning, a breezy shoulder sweeping beach wave lob. Senna shows off the super tousled springy, shaggy edges and a wispy front edge with lots of punch. Senna softens up a mid-length lob cut with a slight internal layering landing right at the beautiful collar bone length. Everyone deserves to feel brand new and boogie-ready and Senna will do the job!


Red-Carpet-Ready-Rayen eludes to the natural beachy waves placed for that fresh celebrity salon blow out look. Rayen has a dreamy blend of beach waves finishing out to a mid-back length. This style will inspire you to “get your sexy on”! Be Red Carpet Ready with Rayen!

Available Colors