Hair Extensions

When it comes to human hair extensions in Phoenix, AZ, you can always rely on the experience and professionalism offered at Stylistics Inc. I have been providing clients with convenient and natural hair extension services for decades and am eager to help you find a custom solution for your needs.

While alternative options are available, natural human hair extensions are most popular because they look and feel exactly like your own hair. Not only that, but natural human hair is easy to care for, and there are several grades of hair available to match what you already have.

Great Length Extensions

This top of the line hair extension system features high-quality hair with small bonds, making it virtually undetectable. The hair comes pre-bonded with a polymer bond (not glue) which is attached to your own natural hair using a high frequency unit similar to a curling iron.

HairDreams Extensions

Stylistics Inc. offers both HairDreams Special and HairDeams Basic. With HairDreams Special, you will have access to high-quality raw hair of a European type in all-natural colors. What’s truly special about this product is that because it has not been chemically lightened, it retains a perfectly elastic surface.

HairDreams Basic is also a great quality hair extension option made from black human hair that is lightened, then colored to achieve many desired shades. The hair is applied individually so we can customize your style, and the bond comes in several sizes so we can match your hair type.

Nano Hair Extensions

Wefting Extensions

Wefted hair extensions are simply a curtain of hair held together with a band of fine threads. It is used to layer in your own hair and add color, length and volume. Currently, my salon offers machine wefts or custom hand-tied wefts. In hand-tied wefts, the hair resists shedding, which means the weft will last longer.

Other Hair Extension Options in Phoenix, AZ

Other hair extension options to choose from include micro point accents and nano hair extensions. For more information on either of these methods, call my salon today.

Regardless of which hair extension method appeals to you most, I would be happy to help you learn more about each process. Put my decades of hair extension knowledge to work for you and contact me to schedule your next appointment.