Hair Extensions

Natural human hair extensions are the most popular form of extensions because they look and feel as natural as your own hair. Human hair is the easiest to care for and wear. There are several ways to attaching hair and several grades of hair. We offer many alternative methods. We have 24 years of extension and knowledge to be able to help you to consider time, price, and hair type. For not all can afford the most expense method or don’t have 4 to 6 hours that some methods require.

Great Lengths Extensions

This is the top of the line hair extension system. Cause of the high quality of hair and its small hair bonds, which make it undetectable. The hair comes pre-bonded with a polymer bond (not glue). The bond is attached to your own natural hair using a high frequency unit that is heated to the same temperature as a curling iron. We offer the Hot Fusion and the Ultra Sonic Waves systems.

HairDreams Extensions

With HairDreams you can choose from two different hair qualities HairDeams Special and Hairdreams Basic. Hairdreams special is quality raw hair of European type in all natural colors, it is the absolute indulgence in hair extensions because it has not been chemically lightened and therefore has retained its perfectly elastic surface.

Hairdreams Basic is a very good hair quality that is made from black human hair, which comes primarily from India.

The hair is applied individually so we can customize your style. HairDreams bond comes in several sizes so we can match your hair type.

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Nano Hair Extensions


Wefted hair extensions are simply a curtain of hair used to layer in your own hair to add color, length and volume. This curtain of hair is hold together with a band of fine threads. Wefted hair comes in two type’s machine wefted and hand tied. In hand tied wefts the hair also resists shedding which means the weft will last longer.


This is cyberhair that is made to be very natural and safe to use on very fine hair. It is the safest, most featherweight, non-invasive hair loss solution available today.

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