Wigs for Trichotillomania Hair Pulling

If you’re in the market for trichotillomania wigs in Phoenix, AZ, Stylistics Inc. is here to help. I understand that compulsive hair-pulling can be a challenging condition to live with and overcome. Whether you or a loved one suffers from it, it can result in everything from mild to complete hair loss. What’s more, even though hair loss may be temporary in many cases, trying to cover up bald patches can be frustrating and time-consuming.

When you’re looking for a hair loss solution, consider the many terrific options to choose from at Stylistics Inc. I am happy to work with you to find a wig that suits your needs and style.

What Exactly is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is a condition that results in compulsive pulling of hair. It is a mental disorder that affects millions of people to varying degrees, most often leading to hair pulling from the scalp. While sometimes hair is pulled in such a way that there are no outward visible signs, this condition can often lead to large bald patches and even a receding scalp. Hair takes time to grow back, especially when it is completely pulled out, and in some cases hair loss can be permanent. If you’ve experienced this there is no reason to feel hopeless. Stylistics Inc. is here to provide you with the right hair pulling solutions for your needs.

How Can Stylistics Help Me?

I understand that hair loss can be a private and personal issue, especially when it is the result of a condition like trichotillomania. That’s why I offer private consultation spaces where we can discuss your needs and explore a variety of solutions.

How Trichotillomania Affect Emily’s life (her words)

When you’re living with trich, you’re never really living, you’re hiding. You can never express your true self to someone in fear of rejection. You can’t do all the things you wanted to do like swimming or being in a play because that would involve explaining your bald spots or explaining why you wear a wig. Trich keeps you from looking people in the eye and being assertive with them. It makes you view yourself on a lower level the people around. I like going to Stylistics because it’s a place where I’m not judged. I can be myself because when I’m there on one cares what I look like. Dori always makes sure I look good with wide variety of quality products. I have lots of different styles and colors to choose from.

If you’re looking for natural and comfortable trichotillomania wigs in Phoenix, AZ, get in touch with Stylistics Inc. today.