Hair Replacement Systems

When searching for a hair replacement system, there is nothing more important than a natural appearance and a comfortable fit, which is why Stylistics’ Phoenix, Arizona studio offers a wide range of non surgical hair replacement options. A member of the American Hair Loss Association, I am continually working to educate myself on the newest systems, better equipping my salon to create the natural and attractive look clients are searching for.

One of Stylistics’ most popular hair replacement systems is REVIVE.
Introduced in the fall of 2015, this hair integration system does not require the wearer to shave their head, instead allowing them to switch between their natural hair and their hair replacement piece depending on the event or situation.

With more than 30 years of experience, Stylistics offers a private and relaxing environment for clients in need of fitting, coloring, styling and other wig-related services. To schedule your appointment and a no obligation consultation, call the Phoenix salon at 602-234-3381.


How Trichotillomania Affect Emily’s life

When you’re living with trich, you’re never really living, you’re hiding.  You can never express your true self to someone in fear of rejection.  You can’t do all the things you wanted to do like swimming or being in a play because that would involve explaining your bald spots or explaining why you wear a wig.   Trich keeps you from looking people in the eye and being assertive with them.  It makes you view yourself on a lower level the people around.  I like going to Stylistics because it’s a place where I’m not judged.  I can be myself because when I’m there on one cares what I look like.  Dori always makes sure I look good with wide variety of quality products.  I have lots of different styles and colors to choose from.


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