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Summer Extension Special!

Whether you are interested in extensions to thicken or lengthen your hair, summer is the perfect time for a fresh new look! This summer at Stylistics, Inc. you can purchase 5 bundles of 16” hair extensions for $690.00. Choose from brands like Great Lengths, Hairdreams and Dream Catchers to create a beautiful, natural new look…. Read more »

Top Hairstyling Mistakes that May Surprise You

When it comes to styling our hair, even the best of us have experienced our fair share of mistakes – we’re looking at you, 80’s perm. However, the mistakes we tend to make aren’t always as monumental as this. In fact, nine times out of ten, we don’t even realize that the things we are… Read more »

Top Secrets to Getting Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

No matter who you are, all of us ladies want one thing: long, soft, gorgeously thick hair with eye-catching shine. Unfortunately however, not all of us are blessed with this look and at the rate in which hair typically grows, it can be months before you hair reaches the length you’re dreaming of. Luckily however,… Read more »