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All about Cyberhair

Blow Drying HairCyberhair is a custom hair system for men, women and children. Developed by International Hairgoods, or IHI, Cyberhair is a durable hair replacement option that creates a natural, uniform look with memory retention capabilities.

Cyberhair is made to look like real hair, without the chemical treatment that many real-hair wigs have had. This makes Cyberhair a strong, durable alternative to real hair wigs. With twice the durability of human hair, as well as fade resistance and a light weight, Cyberhair creates a long lasting, comfortable wig experience. Each strand of hair is built with ridges and recesses similar to those of human hair, creating an natural texture as well.

It also has high moisture content, allowing it to respond to water in the same way that healthy human hair would. Moisture content also minimizes frizz, keeping your hair system stylish and beautiful no matter the weather!

Interested in learning more about Cyberhair and other hair replacement technologies? Contact Stylistics, Inc. online or at 602-234-3381 today!

Watch the video below to learn more about Cyberhair and its possibilities:

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