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4 Safety Tips to Remember While Caring for Your Wig

Caring for Your Wig

Wearing a wig is a great way to make you feel confident and express your style without damaging your natural hair. Now, there are fantastic wigs available that look natural. However, they require maintenance in order to stay in their pristine shape. Because we want you to have the most positive experience while wearing your… Read more »

How to Tell a Good Wig From a Poor Wig

Choosing a Quality Wig in Phoenix AZ

At Stylistics Inc., we know real well that there’s just something special about a good wig. It fits your head well, looks just as natural as real hair, and has friends and loved ones asking all about it! Even more importantly, you know a poor wig when you see one.   If not, here’s how… Read more »

Athletes Wear Wigs Too

Track Athlete Wears Wig

Wigs are a regular part of life for many people, and celebrities and athletes are no exception. Many athletes wear wigs for sporting events, and most of the time, people are totally unaware that athletes are even wearing a wig to begin with. Several days ago a hurdler for the United States, Jasmine Stowers, took… Read more »

How to Respond to Wig Aimed Questions

Wearing a Wig

If you’ve ever told someone that you wear a wig on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen how some people really don’t know how to handle it. Many people think that wearing a wig is “taboo” and in fact, can come off as insensitive when they meet someone that does. Although wearing a wig is… Read more »