Can I Swim With My Hair Extensions?


This is a question that we get asked countless times, and with the summer months just around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to put those worries to rest. After all, we’re sure you have a ton of fabulous summer plans that include a lot of time soaking up the sun and taking a dip at your local beach – or on that once-in-a-lifetime paradise vacation. Regardless, you don’t want to have to sit out on all of the fun just because you’re nervous about damaging your extensions.


As long as you’re using the right products and taking the proper measures towards protection, there’s no reason your extensions shouldn’t be as strong and healthy as your natural hair after a day at the beach. We have a lot of women showing concern that the bonds of their extensions will come undone, but that’s not true.  When it comes to sewn-in hair extensions, they’re not going to fall out on their own, but you do run the risk of having them come out if you tug on them after being in the sun for hours on end. Try to keep your hair shaded as much as possible and wait a little while before running a brush through it once you’re indoors.


Just as you want to moderate your time in the heat, we encourage you to do the same with the water. Going to the beach is hardly any fun unless you can head out into the water when the sun gets to be a bit too much – so don’t deprive yourself of that! As long as you keep your water time under two hours, you should show no damage to your extensions. After that period of time, you may start to notice a little bit of shedding. If you’re still overly concerned, you may want to look into purchasing a swim cap. Then once your beach day comes to an end, rejuvenate your locks with a deep conditioner.


You’ll quickly realize that you don’t have to sacrifice a day in the gorgeous summer weather just to keep the look that you want. Your hair extensions should only add to your life – not keep you from living it!