Caring for Your Natural Curls

If you have a head full of unmanageable curls, you have probably tried multiple products and different tactics to get your curls to meet your standards. Curls can be especially hard to manage and it’s important to understand how to care for them so you can confidently showcase your curls.

Settle on Sulfate-Free

When washing your curls, you should find a shampoo that works for you that is sulfate-free. Sulfate is commonly found in shampoos and consists of both salt and detergent that can be very harsh on hair, especially curls. Sulfate can leave curls especially dry and frizzy and an easy step toward controlled curls is eliminating sulfate from your shampoo.  Plenty of stores carry sulfate-free shampoos that you can choose from and many are affordable.

Commit to Conditioning

If you have luscious locks of crazy curls, conditioner should be an important part of your haircare routine. Oil travels slowly through curly hair because there is more of a “tangled” path from scalp to the hair’s end, which often results in the lower half of your hair being frizzy. It is important to use conditioner frequently when you have a lot of curls in order to smooth them out. You can also look into leave-in conditioner products that can be put into dry hair between washes.

Trade in Your Towel

Although it can be tempting to wrap your hair in your bath towel after you’re done drying off, you won’t do your curls any favors if you do. The material of a bath towel rubbing against curly hair can often result in frizz. Instead, wrap your hair in a t-shirt to squeeze the excess water out or consider putting products in your hair, (after shutting the water off) while you’re still inside of the shower. Curls don’t react well to “towel time” and if you put products in while your curls are still wet, you’ll get better results.

Slumber on Silk

If you’re looking for a “quick fix” to keep your curls under control, consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Most pillowcases are typically made from cotton which results in frizz. Cotton pillowcases will obtain the moisture from your hair, making it inevitably frizzy. It also tends to tug and catch hair which can lead to breakage. Silk pillowcases eliminate some of that friction and help keep your hair smooth overnight, especially in between washes.

If you follow these tips, your curls should start to feel well-maintained and well-managed.

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