How to Detangle Your Wig in a Few Simple Steps

woman combing her hair in bathroom

As hard as we all try to keep our wigs sleek and tangle-free, knots and snarls can easily happen. Whether you get caught outside on a windy day or you let your granddaughter braid your hair, you may run into a hair-y situation. There are a few different techniques to wig detangling, and fabric softener can work wonders on knots!

Simple Snarls

A great way to remove tangles from a  wig is to use a mixture of fabric softener and water. Combine one part fabric softener with 4 parts water in a spray bottle to help to detangle a synthetic hair wig. For human hair wigs, substitute the fabric softener for conditioner. Shake up your mixture and mist it over the hair, combing out tangles. Once your wig is silky smooth again, place it on a wig stand to dry.

Bad Tangles

If the first technique doesn’t work, you can also try placing your wig on your head before spraying. Use a fine tooth comb to slowly detangle your hair, beginning at the bottom and working toward the crown. Most importantly, remember to take your time as you brush through to prevent damage from occurring.

For wig tangles you aren’t sure how to approach, give Stylistics, Inc. a call at 602-234-3381. Our full service hair salon offers a private and personalized experience to help you find your perfect hair replacement solution.