Fall Hair Care Routine

Fall Hair Care Routine

As we begin to enter the colder months of the season, the leaves will start falling off the trees, the sun will set earlier, and you may notice a change in the health of your hair. When the seasons change it is important to update your beauty regimens to reflect those changes. Cold weather can cause your hair to become dry, frizzy, and lead to breakage.



Here are a few helpful tips to maintain your tresses during this season:

Get a trim

It is best to get a haircut every 8-12 weeks. Because this is the season when your hair is most susceptible to breakage, it is best to start with healthy trimmed ends.

Maintain moisture

Everyone has a different hair type so your moisture routine will depend on how frequently your hair becomes dry, but you should boost you should go a little heavier on moisturizing products during this time of year.

Skip the shampoo

Shampoos are a great way to clean your hair, but they also strip your hair of some of the natural oils that help aid in adding moisture. If you notice your hair becoming brittle after frequent shampooing, opt for a conditioner instead. You can co-wash your hair which will still help eliminate dirt but also treats your dry hair and scalp.

Avoid heat styling

While you may love a gorgeous blow out, try to keep the heat styling products to a minimum this season. Heat can cause your hair to become dry which can lead to split ends, heat damage and breakage. If you are looking to switch up your style, try wearing a human hair wig. You can choose one to mimic your natural hair or opt for a completely different look!

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