Hair Loss Myths Debunked

female hair loss myths

Although common, female hair loss is not a topic that women like to discuss, leading to the spread of more than a few hair loss myths. If you have noticed your hair is beginning to thin, there are a variety of factors that may be at play; most likely not the reasons listed below.

All Hair Loss is Permanent

Another common hair loss myth is that all hair loss is permanent. From post-pregnancy hormonal changes to nutritional deficiencies that can be addressed through dietary changes, there are a variety of fixable causes of hair loss. Our best recommendation is to visit your doctor when you notice abnormal hair loss to rule out any problems that may be due to dietary or lifestyle choices.

Birth Control Causes Hair Loss

A myth that has its origins in truth, years ago it was possible for oral contraceptives to affect your hair follicles. Some types of progesterone found in older versions of birth control could interact with hair follicles to stimulate thinning.

These side effects are now a problem of the past, with advancements in technology allowing for changes in formula makeup that stray away from progesterone that act as androgens. If you are worries about the effects your birth control will have on your hair, talk with your doctor to find the correct version for you. Nowadays there are even options available that can fight against hair loss!

Stress Causes Hair Loss

Although major traumas – giving birth, facing a serious illness, losing a loved one – are a frequent cause of hair loss, the everyday stressors that we experience will not affect hair growth.

So the next time you get in an argument with your sister or deal with a frustrating situation at work, don’t give yourself extra stress by worrying about how much of your hair is falling out. Your strands are safe and your struggles will soon pass.

Frequent Shampooing Causes Hair Loss

If you have noticed excess hair loss in the shower, it isn’t your shampoo that is to blame. Many women associate hair loss with shampooing their scalp, but this rumor just isn’t true. While the choice is completely yours whether you wash your hair daily or twice weekly, evidence suggests that shampooing less can actually increase hair loss.

A way to clear your scalp of oils and buildup, shampooing prevents dandruff; a major inhibitor of hair growth.

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