How to Treat Oily or Greasy Hair

How to Treat Oily or Greasy Hair

Does your hair feel greasy just a day after your washed it? Do you struggle to add volume and have to deal with thin, flat hair? Oily hair is one of the most frustrating hair problems out there. Thankfully, though, you don’t have to resort to hiding your greasy hair under a baseball cap. You can have healthy, balanced hair by following the steps below:

Apply conditioner only at the ends

Oily hair is caused by an excess of sebum, a naturally occurring oil that is produced around our scalp. Conditioner is always a must with hair but adding it to your scalp will only make it oilier. Instead, apply your conditioner to your ends only and then rinse it thoroughly.

Shampoo less often

Those of us with oily hair often feel that we have to wash more often. After all, you’ll wash on day one and then wake up on day two with greasy hair. But washing and shampooing our hair too frequently may be what’s causing your oily hair. Shampoo strips your hair of sebum, and as a result, your hair will produce more to make up for it. To break this never-ending cycle, we recommend skipping shampoo at least once or twice a week.

Be careful which products you use

Many hair-care products contain extra oils, which will just exacerbate your problem. You’ll want to stay away from any products that are “anti-frizz” or “shine-enhancing” as they will only weigh your hair down even more. Instead, stick to volumizing products to give your flat hair some lift.

Choose the right brush

The right brush can actually help remove excess oil. Boar bristle brushes (or faux boar bristle brushes) are the best option to use if you have oily or greasy hair. Just be careful that you’re not overbrushing your hair, as this can stimulate oil production.

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