Importance of Hair in Society

Hair has great importance in society

Whether it’s curly, straight, styled or natural, hair has had great importance in various societies throughout history.

Hair has an important role to play in many of the stories and myths we’ve all heard since childhood – Samson losing his extraordinary strength once his hair is cut off, Rapunzel letting down her long hair so the prince can climb up and save her, and the fearsome Medusa with hair made of snakes, who can turn men to stone with just one glance.

Hair has had various roles to play throughout history, as well. Think, for example, of Lady Godiva riding nude through the streets of Coventry to protest unfair taxation with her long hair flowing, and becoming an enduring symbol of freedom and beauty. Think also of women going to battle in the Civil War disguised as men, cutting off their long hair to pass more easily.

Hair has important evolutionary purposes. In the caveman era, shiny, thick hair signified that a potential mate was healthy enough to reproduce. While we may not think exactly along those lines today, beautiful hair is still a subconscious draw.

Hair remains very important in our modern society. Did you know that the average woman spends about $50,000 on her hair over the course of her life, and devotes about two hours every week to washing and styling it?

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