Is a Topper Right for You?

A hair replacement solution designed for women who are facing thinning hair and bald spots, toppers come in a variety of sizes. This allows you to choose whether you just need a topper that covers the area surrounding your part, or one that covers your whole scalp. Perfect for the woman who would like to continue styling her own hair, while creating a more full appearance on top, there are many benefits to wearing a topper. Is a topper right for you? Stylistics is here to help you decide!

Change Up Your Style

While some women enjoy the ease that comes with putting on a wig and heading out the door, others miss the feeling of the natural hair and the ability to change up their style every day (and throughout the day).

A wig toppers provides you with much more styling freedom, and depending on the size of your topper, you can even create beautiful – and natural looking – updos with ease.  As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the topper, the higher of an updo you can create.

Enjoy a Relief from the Heat

A great option for individuals with thinning hair to use during the summer, toppers are much smaller than wigs and typically made of lightweight material, meaning they are much cooler to wear than a full wig. If you are looking for a way to beat the heat, we highly recommend putting a topper in and tossing your hair in a ponytail for a stylish and cool afternoon outside.

 Match Your Hair

The trickiest part about finding a topper is choosing one that blends seamlessly with the color and texture of your natural hair. For women looking to find a hair replacement piece with a natural appearance, Stylistics is here to help. A full service hair salon, we provide an array of services from cutting to coloring and styling to ensure that your topper, hair extensions or wig look incredible and make you feel beautiful and comfortable. To learn more about the salon and schedule an appointment, call 602-234-3381.