Learn More About Your Hair Extension Options

applying hair extensions at salonFor individuals who love the look of long, full hair, extensions can be used to create a natural and voluminous appearance. There are a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to hair extensions, from clip in extensions to pre-bonded ones. Regardless of your budget and lifestyle, Stylistics, Inc. has the experience to find the right ones for you.

Clip In Hair Extensions

The most temporary and quickly applied type of extensions, clip ins are a great place to start if you aren’t sure that hair extensions are for you. Available in synthetic and human hair, these extensions can be added to your hair for length and volume for special events. Natural hair is much more durable than synthetic and can be applied many times when properly cared for.

Weave Hair Extensions

Made of wefts, curtains of human or synthetic hair, weave hair extensions are sewn into braided sections of the individual’s own hair. These extensions are best for individuals with a thick, full head of hair, since the braids may show through thinning hair. Upkeep is required on this option of extensions to keep hair in place and natural in appearance.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Semi permanent in nature, pre-bonded hair extensions create a full head of hair that lasts up to six months. While application can be time consuming, this style of hair extension creates the most natural and attractive look. Here at Stylistics, we offer Great Lengths and HairDreams bonded extensions.

Tape Hair Extensions

Quick to apply and easy to maintain, tape hair extensions last from six to 12 weeks and can be washed and styled with your natural hair. Depending on the bonds themselves, these extensions may be seen through the hair when styled in certain ways.

Schedule an appointment with Stylistics, Inc. to find extensions that match your hair color, lifestyle and budget. Contact us online or by calling 602-234-3381 to get started today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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