Products to Avoid Using on Your Hair Extensions

hair extensions

After investing both your time and money into buying hair extensions and having them installed by a professional hairstylist, the last thing that you want to do is ruin them by using the wrong products. While you may think that your extensions are virtually untouchable, keep in mind that because they are not attached to your scalp by the root, your extensions do not have the ability to regrow or replace natural oils. So, if you’re noticing that they are beginning to look a bit dull or dried out, turn to your beauty cabinet and take a good hard look at what you’re using.

Here are just a few products that we suggest you never use on your hair extensions:



Because it is so harsh, haircare products that contain alcohol can actually cause your extensions to shed and tangle up. Any product that does contain alcohol with state so explicitly on the label. So before making any purchasing decisions, be sure to flip the bottle over and check the ingredients label.

Bristle Brushes

Those these particular types of brushes can certainly be used on your natural hair, they may be a bit too abrasive for your extensions.  Instead, search your local convenient store for hair brushes that are specifically intended for use on hair extensions. This will help to avoid issues with strands breaking and shredding.

Shampoos with Sulfate

Because this chemical is so strong, it is often used in different types of cleaning products and toothpastes for deep down cleansing. This is not something that you want for your hair extensions. As we’ve already mentioned, because hair extensions aren’t actually attached at the root, they cannot reproduce natural oils, and shampoos made with sulfate will make sure that you are rid of what little oil you have.

In order to be safe, it’s best to simply ask your hairstylist for recommendations when choosing haircare products for your extensions. As a professional, she will be able to point you in the direction of the absolute best products for you and your hair. Just call Stylistics Inc. today if you have any questions!