Stylistics Inc. Is Partnering with On Stage Hair Extensions

At Stylistics Inc., we work hard to ensure that you have the hair extension and treatment options available to make your hair healthy and beautiful. We only use the best products and work with the best people in order to keep our customers happy and healthy.

That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with On Stage Hair Extensions!

On Stage Hair Extensions offers 100% natural remy hair extensions with various lengths, textures, colors, and more. Their innovative and damage-free designs offer customers a chance to get beautiful hair without the many drawbacks that typical hair extensions come with.

There’s no messy glue, no damaging heat, and no harmful solvents to work with. Plus, since their hair extensions are customizable, customers will be able to find the perfect extensions to capture their inner beauty.

We at Stylistics Inc. couldn’t be more thrilled to start offering On Stage Hair Extensions’ products to our customers. We know that these products can help restore the confidence and pride of women suffering from hair loss.

To learn more about our partnership with On Stage Hair Extensions, or to schedule an appointment with Stylistics Inc., give us a call today at 602-234-3381.