The Follea Gripper Collection

hair stylist fitting a woman's wig

One of our most popular hair replacement options, Follea provides a beautiful, natural and comfortable look for women suffering from hair loss. With wigs and topettes available, all hair is hand selected for quality and falls into three categories: Hand Select, Premium European and European Processed. Hair is cut from a ponytail, ensuring that all cuticles face the same direction for a natural look.

One of the most popular styles of Follea wigs is the Follea Gripper Collection. Designed with medical grade silicone gripper panels at the temples and nape of the neck, the Gripper wig allows the wearer to feel confident regardless of the activities they are taking on. The Gripper Cool is perfect for day to day casual wear, while the Gripper Sport can be worn while exercising and competing in sports. With a variety of lengths, colors and style available, there is an option for every lifestyle.

A great option for women suffering from Alopecia or total hair loss, the Gripper cap is made of Swiss lace, creating breathable, secure coverage. Learn more about styling and caring for the Follea Gripper wig with tutorial videos featuring Peggy Knight.

Interested in finding the right hair replacement option for your hair loss situation? Contact Stylistics, Inc. online or by calling 602-234-3381 to schedule an appointment today!

Written by Dori McKinnon

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