Wearable Technology in Your Wig

Wig Technology


Full Service Hair Salon

Stylistics, a full service hair salon located in Phoenix, AZ, offers everything that a basic hair salon allows for and more. Not only can you get a traditional shampoo/condition and haircut, but you can also get hair extensions, hair replacement, highlights, lowlights, a Brazilian blowout, follea wigs and even more. With all of these options available, why would you choose to not go to Stylistics?


Wig Options:

Stylistics offers many diverse options for wig wear and hair replacement. The new Sentoo Collection, a new wig line from Europe, offers many convenient options for their wig wear. For example, their line of 7 wigs allows for hair that is light as a feather and smooth to the touch, a natural appearance with a no-show hairline, and natural color effects.


Private Issue Systems by Cyberhair:

Private Issue Systems is an innovative way to have natural, authentic-looking hair that is not your own. Cyberhair has all of the characteristics of a person’s natural hair, but is lighter in weight and has style memory. This means that it will retain the memory of your hairstyle, so it will return to that style after every wash. Cyberhair does not limit you from participating in your favorite activities, or any activities at all. Another positive aspect of Cyberhair is that it is colorfast, so your natural hair color will always show.


The Future

With all of the new technology reaching every crack and crevice of society, how can we not expect technology to be available in wigs? Sony is in the progress of creating a “smart wig” that will come equipped with a laser pointer, camera, and a GPS system. Hidden under the hairpiece, this technological device would make the wig’s use more than just for vanity. Check out the video here.