Storage Solutions for Your Wig

store your wig with a wig standA versatile and stylish hair loss solution, your wig can make you feel confident, beautiful and ready to tackle each day. Just like with your natural hair, wearing the same color and style wig everyday can get boring, and the beginning of a new season is the perfect time to change up your wig style. This fall, consider a darker shade and change in length to make a statement. But what should you do with the wig you are no longer wearing?

Wash and Dry

Before storing your real-hair wig, take some time to wash and dry it well. This will ensure your wig is looking its best when you pull it back out to wear again in a few months’ time. Follow proper instructions to wash your wig and allow it to air dry thoroughly on a wig stand. This will help it to keep its shape and will prevent mold and mildew from growing if placed in a box.

Wig Stand

For short-term storage, a wig stand is the perfect spot for your hair replacement piece to rest. Whether you are leaving it there for a few days or a few months, a wig stand will keep your hair in ready-to-wear condition.

Long-Term Storage

Whether you have a few wigs to store, will be storing one for an extended period of time or want to keep your hair piece safe from pets and children, placing your wig in a box may be a good option for you. Fold your wig in half, matching ear to ear, and place it inside its original packaging or between layers of tissue paper. Keep your wig inside a box or container that cannot be crushed to prevent a loss of shape.

Whether you are storing your wig on a wig stand or in its packaging, it is important to remember to keep it in a cool, dry location that is out of direct sunlight. For more advice on wig storage and to find the right hair replacement option for you, contact Stylistics, Inc. at 602-234-3381. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, we are happy to help you find a hair replacement piece that fits your needs and lifestyle.