Using Hair Extensions to Get Your Ideal Wedding Look


With wedding season quickly approaching, eager brides-to-be are flipping through stacks of bridal magazines and pages upon pages of Pinterest, searching for the perfect styles. At this point, the wedding dress has most likely been picked out and purchased, which means that now is the time the anxiety sets in on how you’re possibly going to style your hair on the big day. You’re probably kicking yourself right now for that haircut you got a couple of months back.


Not to worry, with the use of hair extensions, you can get glammed up with any sort of style you want! So how do you decide what you want to do? We suggest taking your dress into consideration. If you plan to wear a low cut, backless, finely detailed gown, you may want to look into a simple, elegant style. Go for the look that lets the extensions cascade down your back in big, romantic curls. Add a French twist or a waterfall braid – anything that will compliment your dress while also making you feel beautiful. For those who chose to go with a glamorous princess style ball gown, talk to your stylist about going with something that is a little tighter and sleeker. Deciding on a full, luscious hairstyle will only compete with your dress, and we wouldn’t want that!


If you’ve never used hair extensions before, we suggest that you sit and talk to your stylist about all of your options. It is also highly recommended that you schedule an appointment to test out the hairstyle before the big day, just to make sure that you absolutely love the look and feel of the extensions. With all of the different brands, lengths and colors available with extensions, we’d be more than happy to help you find the right match. You’ll have a healthy, natural-looking, stunning hairstyle for your wedding day with just a simple visit to the Stylistics Inc. hair salon!


Posted by: Dori McKinnon of Stylistics Inc.